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ok, so, today i went to the dentist for a check up and she asked if i wanted my teeth cleaning and i thought ok, yeah, that sounds good and nice, 

she fucking put me these red goggles on so everything i saw was red and started scraping my teeth and gums with a metal machine that, might i add was loud, long and uncomfortable and this other woman had a machine sucking up all the saliva that was coming from my mouth due to having to keep it open, then when i tried shutting my mouth due to pain, this Indian dentist lady’s all like ‘KEEP IT OPEN, DON’T DO THAT WHEN I’M BUSY’ 

well sorry for my bodies natural response. 


1. i felt like i was in the devils room

2. i felt like an incapable baby


3. i’m pretty sure all of that was done to humiliate and hurt me and for no beneficial dental care reasons.  

Anonymous: what comes to your mind when people say 'everything happens for a reason' ? cos it fucking kills me and makes me so annoyed!

people make their own luck in life.

people say that because they are sad about something, and they think it was okay to happen because it was meant to and something better will happen from it. It the end of the day a mother doesn’t need to lose her child, or a child his/her mother, or a father. you don’t need to miss the bus and be late for work, or have your phone stolen, or be shot by lightning. it wasn’t meant to be it just happened.

things happen through actions and consequences, mostly, those are the only reasons. 

According to my dad I live in another world and I need to shut up because I want to move to America… It’s not like I’ve researched it all, and know my options, and I’m even doing a degree which which will increase the likelihood of me going.. It’s not like I am oblivious to how hard it actually is to gain citizenship, It’s not like I don’t have back up plans or 100% will power.

It’s not like I have my whole life in front of me and I know exactly what I want, I am so willing to work hard for it and not settle for some degrading job. It’s not like I would let anything in this world detract me from going; not jobs, not my home, not the town in which I live, not love, not fish and chips, not even my family

Because ever since I was born I swear to God I’ve never wanted anything more.

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Anonymous: I like this guy I'm 15 and he's 18, too old for me?

not really, i dated a (i think these were our ages) 19 year old when i was 14 till i was 15 

i never go for the whole ‘he’s a paedophile’ it doesn’t make any sense, hundreds of years ago i’d of been married with kids by 14/15/16 with normally a 18-25 year old man and it was completely normal.

just because times have changed and it’s not socially acceptable doesn’t mean people have, if it was acceptable for men then it should be now.

they’re either paedophiles in both time periods or none at all. 

Someone just said ‘I’d kill to live in England’

- This country has no basic understanding of morals, justice or standing up.

- We aren’t just England any more. There are so many foreigners.

- If you get pregnant at say 14.. Wow, even though it’s illegal considering you had illegal sex to do so, you get a house, job and rent/bills payed for by the government for you and your baby. Other teenagers that stay in full time education and want a job/to move out, can’t actually afford to, aw :-)

- I’d say 1/6 of the country is scum, ‘chavs’, un-educated pricks.

- I’ve never know an ‘influential’ ‘powerful’ country to have a general lack of motivation and ambition. There are so many wasteful people doing nothing productive what so ever. 

- We have free health care, yes. But the ‘NHS’ shouldn’t be relied on, there is so much bad publicity arisen and a lot I’ve personally experienced. 

I could go on but you’re so ignorant

Hairdresser: Is that okay for you? :)
My voice: Yeah.
Hairdresser: Are you sure?
My Voice: Yeah, thanks!

hate when people are like ‘be more positive’ or ‘why are you so negative’ well idk maybe some people don’t want to feel so negative all the time but they fucking do ‘cause they’re sad, or they don’t have a lot to feel ‘positive’ about, ever thought of that? who the fuck are you to tell someone how to feel. if someone wants to feel negative about things, well, guess what, it’s their fucking business and well within their rights to do so. 

so before messaging someone anonymously saying ‘why are you so fucking negative’ fucking don’t, message them something productive or complimentary that might help them think or be more positive. people can’t help how they feel, and so many people feel sad and so many people are fucking afraid to just be sad, just be sad. you have the right to feel sad, negative, arsey, annoyed, mardy, upset, whatever that’s your right and don’t fucking hold back, why should you put a brave face on, just let yourself feel sad, face it. fucking face it, it might actually just help to relax and let yourself feel how you fucking feel. 

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Come home from the seaside to find out my Mum and Grandad and Grandma have been attacked by my ‘uncle’ he isn’t worthy of a name like that my mums own fucking brother, does that to his little sister and parents.. I fucking hate his fucking guts.

I fucking hope that he’s taken himself into the woods and shot himself in the head. If I was here when he’d of done it i’d of gone over stabbed him everywhere in his fat fucking piece of shit stomach and watched him bleed dry whilst cutting tiny pieces of his face off and eating it and spitting it back at him and then his eyeballs and his toes and fingers.

I hate change, well I hate bad change. I hate how things change, over stupid things, and things that can’t be undone. I hate regretting those things. I hate being in denial with yourself.. Telling yourself it’s okay, things will be okay. When you know things eat you away, and bit by bit you just feel as though your losing everything. Pushing the ones you care about most away, just because it’s the time you need them to care the most. And telling yourself, they never meant what was said, they still want you, everything will fucking blow over. Wake the fuck up. Things change and happen for a reason. Because people want and make them. You may not think they want it, they may tell you they don’t. But somewhere in there they must off, because otherwise it wouldn’t of happened. Why did this happen you have to ask yourself.. Why. Every fucking day you’ll wake up, and ask yourself. Why. And the worst part is, you wouldn’t even change meeting them, you wouldn’t take back the pain you feel, because in the end their the most perfect person in the world to you. And you’ll never forget them, or what you had. And the pain, it’s just the equivalent to how much love and happiness you felt for and with them. And also a reminder, that everything was real. 

I wish people weren’t so absent minded, I wish everyone was emotionless. People say the world would be a better place if everyone loved each other. But it wouldn’t, love causes hate, anger, pain, hurt, and even death. So making everyone love each other will not fucking make things better. If everyone was emotionless, you’d get on with things easily, there would be no hate, or love. You’d simply have neutral feelings for everyone. Everyone would be equal, indifferent. People wouldn’t care about everything, You’d not get disappointed, let down, hurt. You’d not be happy yeah, but to be honest, you wouldn’t know any different. 

Stop trying to be something your not. You like things because others around you do. Like what you like. Not them. You are your own person, you trying to be them is just a waste of the person you actually are.

Why are we all supposed to go about our lives naturally and normally if very close to nothing makes us happy? It’s frowned upon to act abnormal right? Stay in your room? Forget the mundane, passer by, day to day things that we are all just expected to do.. But what If I want to give up with everything, jobs, friends, going out. What if I’ve physically had enough. 

I don’t know anything about how I’ll feel in a couple of years, or even months, I don’t. I know how I feel now, and I know that I have felt this way ever since I can remember. That scares me, It really fucking scares me. I can be happy, sure, I can have my moments, but when It comes down to it, my head and me, it isn’t happiness, or hope or life. It’s empty and sad. 

It’s like I can be around a sea of people, and still feel alone. I can look at everyone and imagine, imagine how they must feel.. If they’re struggling too. But what I can’t do is empathize, I can’t imagine that anyone feels how I feel. 

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Can’t believe my Dad he’s so judgemental and constantly on at me.. It’s so annoying. He says constantly everyday how he hates my hair, the way I dress, even the things i like.. He constantly picks faults and he gets moody about fuck all and shouts in public when I don’t cooperate (or when he hasn’t had a fag) and after making me feel complete shit and worse about myself and how I look he’ll joke about it after.. Mate, I’m not being funny but you don’t have to fucking be me.. I do. You don’t have to live in this body or look like me, so let me do the best I can to make myself look okay and you concentrate on your fucking self.

Laws. How is anyone in this world over-powering of anyone when we’re all equal? We’re all ‘God’s’ people right. We’re preached to. People higher than us speak of ‘God’ as if he 100% exist’s; so you guys are contradictory? Hypocrites? You don’t actually believe in his will for equality, just in him…

That isn’t how things work. This world shouldn’t have laws. 

How does one define right from wrong? People should understand how to be civil, naturally, people shouldn’t be wrong or evil. If we’re all ‘God’s’ people why does evil exist in us? Or have the ability to grow. Fuck temptation, fuck saying we have to be faithful and ignore evil. IF this all loving, all powerful God created us, no possibility of evil would lye within us. Why does everything have to be difficult? Are we animals? Are we nothing? are we so meaningless that we can’t be tamed other than to sit comfortably with a set of instructions set by people with shiny little hat’s?… Why should we have laws?

Does it ever make you question yourself?... Who you are? What you’re capable of if you have to live by these strict regulations? Are we looked upon as a sea of incompetent people with such unsuitable reasoning?