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few words could open me, but you knew them all Untitled Document

A woman hung herself in my room before we brought the house.

My names Meg, 

You may occasionally see colour on my blog, I have an opinion on everything.

I rant a lot.

I’m nothing special, I’m just aiming to be. I believe in love and I don’t like change. I feel more comfortable in the winter. I’m very stubborn, and most likely wont say sorry first because I’m normally right. 

I need to be rich or famous, by the time I’m 25 otherwise I’m going to kill myself, I’d just consider my life a waste. I think too much. I find the human mind incredibly intriguing. I often find myself in debates within my own head. I’m generally a nice person. 

I like morbid/black and white photography. It shows more purpose to me.

I guess you could say I’m a kind of person that believes I’m built for better in life than what I have now, If I end up like the people around me/in this country when I am older then, I will kill myself. I want a different life, I want everything it has to offer.

I like all things American. 

I don’t believe there is is a God, I believe there is a devil and spirits, ghosts, etc.

You wont catch me posting something that has no meaning to me.